Below we have included a lot of useful information for all people who plan to come to our event. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by message on Facebook, Instagram, or using the contact form provided in the contact section of our website.


Hotels that are closest to our event are (order according to distance to the event):

In Wałbrzych and in the vicinity, you will also find many guest houses offering comfortable accommodation.

Car Detailing After Your Trip

If you come to us from far away, then it may be a good practice to arrange a detailing wash in advance with the basic preparation of the car for the event. To meet the expectations of people whose cars may need a little help from a detailer, we have prepared for you the possibility of detailing washing with the application of dressings before the event in one of the two detailing studios under the “BLACK DIAMONDS” password: Ask the detailer studios for details!

Taxi Cabs in Walbrzych

In case you would need to grab a taxi, we have prepared a few handy numbers for you below:

  • Taxi Mercedes – +48 74 196 67
  • Taxi Wałbrzych – +48 74 19 191
  • Taxi BIS – +48 74 19 624
  • Taxi Śnieżka +48 74 843 84 84

Schedule of the Event

You can always find the current schedule on our website

Contactless car washes

If your car is properly protected with hard wax or ceramic coating and the only thing you need to be happy is contactless washing, then we encourage you to use one of the car washes below. These are car washes located directly on the route or near the Stara Kopalnia: