Black Diamonds Festival – not only music and motorization, but also a unique opportunity to visit the Former Mine in Wałbrzych!

Black Diamonds Festival is a unique event that combines passion for music, motorization and amazing attractions for all participants. In this year’s edition of the festival, in addition to amazing music performances and an exciting car exhibition, we invite you to a unique tour of the Former Mine in Wałbrzych under the supervision of a guide.

Visiting the Former Mine in Wałbrzych, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of this facility, which used to be one of the most important industrial centers in the region. Thanks to the guide’s stories, visitors will be transported back in time and feel the atmosphere of working in the mine, learning about its daily challenges and the history associated with this place.

During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to visit unusual underground chambers, former workshops and exhibition spaces where various cultural events are currently held. The Former Mine in Wałbrzych is now a place where history meets modernity, and the industrial past is transformed into a creative and artistic space.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to spend time full of passion, music, motorization and learning about the history of the region, thanks to the opportunity to visit the Former Mine in Wałbrzych. Plan your visit to the Black Diamonds Festival now and experience the extraordinary atmosphere that will satisfy both music and motorization lovers, as well as those who want to discover the secrets of the past of this extraordinary place!